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Write to the Google world maps to various devices. It has more than million and half of an Android user as Apple users, even with the presence of the maps of Apple, but because it is considered an impractical and sophisticated compared to Maps Google according to the latest studies, we use Google Maps on iOS devices reached to 6-fold. Although Apple is trying to develop vam, but this is exclusive for the western countries while sweeping Google the rest of the world especially the Arab countries did not provide exclusive benefits the simplest traffic situation. Here is Google adds a new feature to the assassin in our markets for Apple to support transportation and start with the next.

جوجل تبدأ في اختبار المواصلات في القاهرة

Tab transportation or Transit is often that you are living in Arab countries or African countries you’ll see that it shows no results if I make a million and you have two options either car or walking. If your country is services such as “aweber and cream” will be added, but keep the tab transport empty as in the following picture:

But in Western countries it’s entirely different where you can move between any place by transportation and recognize the time very accurately from the maps app, either Google or Apple.

During the previous months Google started to support this feature in the Arab world, according to the official site it supports as follows:

◉ The rule (support of the metro lines) – ismailia (support sectors). Without navigation support for both of them.

◉ Algeria: support to the metro EMA. (Does not support navigation)

◉ Morocco: sector support ONCF. (Does not support navigation)

◉ Tunisia: support rail ( Sousse – Mahdia – Tunis)

◉ UAE: in support of the metro in Dubai RTA.

◉ Bahrain: support to the Ministry of transport.

◉ Diameter: firm support materials transactions.

The above is the current support listed on company Site Google official. And any other Arab country is not listed, it means that Google does not support transportation.

The experience of the transportation law.

Think Cairo Governorate or regional sector labeled in greater Cairo is one of the most residential areas in Africa and the Middle East with a population of 25 million people, almost as well as the lack of accurate maps electronic lines of transportation and the adoption of a large sector of people and companies. So it was quite unlikely to see solutions from Google for this, but during my experience of navigation today I was surprised by the appearance of the data appear in the box of transportation as follows:

Away from that Google suggest is a logical final where distance is approximately 22 km can be made by car in 24 minutes or to in 3 and a half hours while the proposed Google-links in the extended time of 10.5 hours and up to 23 hours, but in the end is a remarkable step.

The future of maps and transportation

In the first illustration, the reason for this timing is odd due to the lack of support from companies. Choose a company transportation, you go to Google and to public transport schedules etc and then the app will automatically map to fit between this transport; and the greater the number of companies therefore he can guess and suggest connections more accurate. It seems to be supported currently in Cairo is a company of “bus I Buseet” as well as “taxi Indigo – Nile Taxi” and therefore proposed to have Google build them, for example, the following picture is proposed that the bus company first then download and walk for a distance of 400 meters and then the river taxi and then walk for 42 minutes (3.2 km). Of course this is not logical, but it’s just the beginning.

It is expected to add more companies such as “Swvl” and the company “transportation in Egypt” and the last has already signed a cooperation contract with Google several months ago.

One last word

Of course the article talks about the city of Cairo the capital of Egypt, but it’s more of this where it explains that Google began to focus on improving and expanding its maps in the Arab world; and our support to Cairo, will not come mainly from she loves Egypt specially, of course, but since the cooperation began from the companies there; and maybe soon we can find private companies or the government in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, UAE and Kuwait are cooperating with Google and gradually if you think of moving to any place by public transport and not your car or “Ober repeated” will depend on Google. Even if the day came that support Apple the same you wouldn’t care simply because it is usually when we use the service we believe you won’t think about change. Especially if it’s from Google.

Have you tried the feature of transportation in Google Maps in any state before? Do you expect to support well in a national race?



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