Google start today display sites which use the HTTP protocol as safe

Over the past few years, she urged Google Inc. strongly Web-sites towards the adoption of a protocol for encrypted communication, giving sites that use the TLS protocol or SSL protocol priority in the search order, as they marked the sites that use the communication protocol secure HTTPS to the gospel of the lock green appear along with links to the URL on the Chrome browser.

In the month of February last, the company said it’s considered as of the month of July 2018 show all sites that use the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS it is not secure via the Chrome browser.

Starting from Chrome 68, which is awaiting its launch today or tomorrow, at least for the desktop, will Chrome browser in part of the address bar the words “non-secure” is Not Secure, according to what is shown in the following image:

Referred to it at the moment if you visit a site that uses the HTTP protocol, then the info icon next to the title, users can click on them to keep them for the reason which site they visit on the green lock.

And replace Google as the experience of such steps to strengthen its position in making the internet safer for everyone, especially in light of the fact that many users do not distinguish between sites unsecured which use the HTTP protocol, sites and secured and safe using HTTPS, because of the danger that a user things such as filling forms or giving credit card information over an unsecured connection. Using the warning simple and easy to understand at the top of each page of HTTP, will understand the users that they should not trust the sites is encrypted.

Do you think this step of Google will contribute to making the internet a safer? Share your opinion the comments.

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