Google started selling the camera Clips smart.. how much is it?

Last October, revealed “Google” Google camera “clip” Clips smart, that uses the possibilities of artificial intelligence AI in capture the right photo when you see something interesting, have begun the process of shipping the camera to customers already, yesterday Saturday, according to the Website The Verge.

However, you can’t buy a camera “clip” Clips from Google, which up the price by $ 249 (£4,500) with free shipping for customers, they have stopped Google from receiving applications to buy the camera, and responded automatically to the e-mail for anyone who wants to book her that she’s going to tell them when the camera is available again.

Tried sites of Technical Communication with Google to get a specific date to start the booking process pre-camera “clip” Clips again to no avail, has pointed out that some of the dates of shipping and delivery who had successfully booked the camera before closing the door on the reservation have ranged between 27 February and 5 March.

The “clip” Clips a different kind of cameras, they are smart camera, think Google on the willingness of the parents to capture a lot of photos of their children in its marketing plan, then the camera will be always ready to capture the image that you see a distinct and different character, Google has confirmed that the camera “clip” Clips are not a surveillance camera or Spy, they don’t send any data or images to external servers.

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