Google started to promote the replacement of its services through Google Play

You probably have already forgotten that this winter, Google was fined $ 5 billion in the case of the illegal preloading its services on Android. However, Google itself about it still remembers and, moreover, that was forced to pay the European Commission fine for their activities, and begin to promote an alternative to their programs and services. In this users from Europe can see for yourself by going to the app store Google Play.

At the moment, Google is promoting the browser to replace Google Chrome and search engine to replace Google Search.

What can replace the standard browser in Android

They are all available in Google Play as standalone apps. And to give users maximum freedom of choice, the algorithms directory constantly offer a collection of five applications that are constantly changing. If desired, users can install them on their devices, replacing the regular tools work with the Internet.

How to change search engine in Google Chrome

In addition, advertising alternative search services will appear in Google Chrome. To make this possible, Google has released for Europe special Assembly brand browser-reference tab, which will allow you to choose a new default search engine. However, it is not clear how to get rid of it, if you change the Google Search to something else the user wants. Perhaps the recommendation will disappear after some time.

Actually, what Google is being forced to atone for his “guilt” looks like a mockery on the part of European authorities. After all, in the end why the company has achieved success, can’t promote its own products, the development of which was invested millions and millions of dollars? It turns out that to be mediocre today far better than able and successful.

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