Google states you will do for the full range of features when all

Use company Google on 19 November to launch a service of its cloud gaming named Google stay Google Stadia, although the launch is less than a week, but it looks closer to test pilot an early launch of a gaming platform as a service.

According to the developers of Google, the service will change to some of the key features in the launch day, that are being asked for these features once a week at all.

Will not players are able to access to the achievements system at all, although the service will retain the accomplishments and recognizes when it is the launch of the system shortly after the issue date of stay.

Also will not support Google games service new cloud feature of the joint family, notwithstanding the possibility of management of the parents to the experience of children in the state through parental controls via Family Link, but they can’t watch the games.

Developers said: it’s a feature of the joint family enjoyed a high priority, and it is supposed to launch in early 2020.

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She explained the information that the service will also support devices Chromecast that don’t come with the package State at all, it uses the Chromecast to broadcast the games on the screen, support for 4K.

The Chromecast Ultra that comes with the version of the Stadia Founder as the Chromecast Chromecast is only compatible with the stay at all, ‘ said the developers: the Google will update the devices Chromecast oscillation of the current in the antenna soon after the launch of the service.

Google noted that her style at the launch of the service state looks like a how to introduced updates to the search engine and YouTube and other services, so start gradually with improved level on the basis of user feedback.

There will be no games supporting for Stream Connect at all, which is a way of state support experiences of multiplayer games, that being the launch of the first game supporting this feature before 2020.

This is supposed to launch games that support the State Share and Crowd Play – a feature other multiplayer – in the next year, will also feature Buddy Pass, which allows players to donate the stay to someone else for a limited time, two weeks after access of the user to package their own.

Announced the developers, also for something new, which is one of extensions Google Pixel and Stadia the factory to install the phone on the controller state.

Google said: We’ve designed a special supplement to a control unit Pixel and Stadia called The Claw, to be sold exclusively through Gstore, will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

The company also mentioned that users State they can use Google Play gift cards and credit cards to buy games through the application of the Stadia on the Android platform.

Recall that Google had announced this week 12 game will be available at the launch of the service, is expected to be issued 14 additional game by the end of 2019.

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