Google stop development of the application of Allo temporarily

Google Allo يدعم الآن ترجمة المحادثات داخل التطبيق

تطبيق Allo قوقل

Did not bring the application to communicate and chat new from Google, known as Allo the great interest among the users which is what prompted the company to abandon its development temporarily and pump more funding and investment.

This does not mean that it repealed by now, but apparently the first step in this way the continued application to the case. If you are a user of the application it will work but don’t expect additional updates.

There is not sufficient number of users who download the app or use it in their daily lives and redeem the application of their basic like WhatsApp, telegram and the elderly, therefore it is pointless to continue development and add more features.

And Anil Sabharwal head of group Communications at Google temporarily stop the work on the development of the application of Allo and move on to the development of the private messaging system in Android where seeking Google because the make the SMS messages similar to the messages of the chat on hand rich content that can be exchanged through them.

But what about the application of video communication Duo, which was launched by Google in conjunction with the Allo is? It seems that it won’t suffer the same fate currently being have some interest from users who have become dependent on them in particular instead of Skype or Messenger, Facebook or WhatsApp.

Pity that Google did not succeed even today to convince users the application chat areas ranging from Gtalk and even Allo.


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