Google stopped push notifications Android “Nearby” was disturbing to the users

The Google through earlier in the year by reducing and notices Nearby to keep the experience unique and beneficial to the user away from the development of non-important cause flow by a loud noise, to now, after three years from its launch off those notifications where it will not be possible to meet users of Android these notifications again, you will know the service is final on the seventh of December next.

Where users of Android devices in a constant search for a way to disable this service because you are not important, which receive them through their daily activities and their movements, it is out of the frame which I found not as a service to become a source of mess Development permanent.

She explained to Google that its main goal at the time of launch of the property was to provide service information to the user about the activities and services the surrounding motivated to facilitate the tasks and benefit more by their devices, for example Nearby the user of the availability of free WiFi network around it in addition to being given information about the arrival time of the bus at the place where, but the shift of service for the ad was tapped by users was no impact in the decision to Google the latter.

The company confirmed that it will retain the always-on content issued by the user, especially those services that depend mainly on the notices.

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