Google stopped the service of Cloud Printing Cloud Print the end of next year

Ten years after its launch, Google announced that its service Cloud Print Cloud Print will stop in December 31, 2020. This service allows users to print web pages easily using the Chrome browser even across printers that do not have internet connection.

It was marked by Service Cloud Print it works across personal computers, smart phones and allowed to make greater use of the printer old that have no connection to the internet via a connected phone to the USB port.

If you have a printer that supports Internet connection, you are connecting with your Google account and no orders to print documents from your devices different. The service provides Google Cloud Print manage printers easily from one place making it the perfect option for companies.

With that the service is still non-pilot ten years after its launch, but it apparently has users rely on them heavily in facilitating their daily lives, so that their application for Android got over a million downloads. That’s why Google has announced since the day the date stopped and gave a period of more than a year so.

And tell Google about the reason that pushed her to stop the service, so will join the convoy long of the services that are stopped by the police the latest camera Clips and Hire staffing and employment opportunities.

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