Google stops app not on iOS restricts the activity of the user after deleting the Apple development Facebook

قوقل توقف تطبيق لها على iOS يقيس نشاطات المستخدم بعد حذف آبل لتطبيق فيسبوك

After the problem that struck Facebook yesterday by the appearance of the report talking about paying 20$ for people from the age of 13 years and 35 years in order to install the application to measure activity on their phones, Google shut down the application does not do the same actions on the iPhone.

Apple has yesterday to delete the Facebook application off the company license to store it due to risk of store policy violations of the user data, which I’m afraid Google on what it looks like and make it stop applied before you Apple it.

Owns the author of the Android application called Screenwise Meter iOS users and grant users gift cards for their services compared to download the app that allows us to measure activity on their phones, which means make use of them in other things.

A spokesman for Google to The Verge that the app should never have been launched under the software companies to develop applications on the App Store, stated: “This is an error we apologize for the intelligent.”

We all know that Google and Facebook use all ways to collect data because it is the optimal solution to assess the quality characteristic of the advertising and application development, but the question arises here; How was the Apple label during that period the work of the app without informed? The fact that Apple considered the contribution even indirectly in the collection of data being allowed for these applications to work on its system from the foundation.

The big problem is that the user has become don’t find a way to secure the use of technical operating systems of the smart, because every time he finds himself exposed to Doctor its data or violation and use in the work without his knowledge.

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