Google stored passwords for some accounts G Suite without encryption for 14 years

I discovered a Google security hole in their systems, causing storage of passwords some users package their apps G Suite without any encryption and for a long time reached 14 years!.

Confirmed Google that the gap concerns only the users of the G Suite and not ordinary users for its services, the company works with account managers to ensure the reset password to prevent the hacker to take advantage of them.

Do not specify the Google number of users affected by this vulnerability without encryption, but at the same time confirming that he did not experience any unauthorized access to hackers to the accounts.

And why the vulnerability, explained Google, it belongs to the tool has been available since 2005 and are no longer available today, the tool helps account managers to create new accounts and set passwords without the need for the position, but here she was storing passwords in the clear without any encryption.

Store password without encryption is becoming a serious problem of the show with major tech companies, mention how Twitter has asked all of its users, numbering 330 million users to reset their password after being discovered stored without encryption, so in May 2018.

In last March also adopted Facebook as stored passwords of millions of users without encryption since 2012, and then it came to the calculations of Instagram.

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