Google Stream allow transmission of the content of the video and music between devices, Chromecast, Google Home وNest

I started the Google company in the payment feature of Google Stream that allows the transfer of video content, and music between compatible devices via voice commands or the Google Home screen or Nest smart feature touch.

Company offers Google a new feature for File Transfer seamless experience between compatible devices, as the feature works Stream Transfer with most streaming services and play music from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, besides other services, as the service complies with a lot of video content on the YouTube.

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Users can experience Google Stream more than one way including:

  • Support the transfer of music between the rooms via the Google Assistant

The user can take voice commands at a distance Google the digital transfer of music from one room to another by the phrase “Hey Google and then request to transfer the music from the loudspeaker in the living room to a speaker in another room for example.

  • Talk about the way the Google Home

Users can through the application of the Home click on the button to cast to display a list of all the devices Chromecast comparison, and then the user can select the device and group of devices that the user wants to transfer music to it.

  • Transfer video files between screens Nest smart devices smart TV with Chromecast

The user can browse YouTube through the Nest Hub Max pick your favourite video content, and then click a button to cast and select a speaker or you can give voice commands with the words “Hey Google give orders to run content on a smart TV.

It is scheduled to start Google in Push feature to Stream transfer to all devices, Chromecasts, Google Home, and Nest smart or speakers Nest audio starting today.


I know of

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