Google stumbled upon a vulnerability in the Android threat its phones and Samsung phones and Huawei Share

I found a group of security researchers at Google on the security hole in the Android threat phones Pixel camera in addition to Samsung and Huawei Share.

جوجل تعثر على ثغرة أمنية في أندرويد تهدد هواتفها وهواتف سامسونج وهواوي وشاومي

He found Security Research Team Project Zero at Google on the security vulnerability can be exploited to access to the phones of various companies which carry Android System 8 and later, these phones include pixels 1, 2, and Huawei P20, Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 وS9, next to the phones Shawty Redman 5A Reed global Note 5 share A1, in addition to phones from the company Oppo, Motorola, and LG used the new version of the operating system.

Was vulnerabilities have been discovered in December 2017 and the exploitation of the companies to penetrate phones users by Israeli police NSO Group. But since that time, the police can’t and other the discovery of the vulnerability to protect users even discovered last week from the Gmail team. To come and for the presence of vulnerabilities and provide a patch to resolve it on the target phones from the various companies and on the version of Android affected.

The list of phones affected the whole:

  1. Pixel 2 with Android 9, Android 10 preview only
  2. Huawei P20
  3. Xiaomi Redmi 5A
  4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
  5. Xiaomi A1
  6. Oppo A3
  7. Moto Z3
  8. Samsung S7, S8, S9
  9. Oreo LG phones

If you have phones affected, you can wait until the arrival of security update, the or download patch protection the new Of Here.


Google Zero Day

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