Google supports the drive by the disaggregation of the sea and songs and cinemas

جوجل تدعم محركها بتبويب البحث والتعرف على الأغاني ومعرفة صالات السينما

During our coverage of the conference company Google for the Middle East and North Africa, which was held in Dubai, the company announced many new features added For many of its services and on top of the search engine available to join the 50 million new internet users from our region over the next year to 2020.

And speaking of new features for fans dumped Google in the region, the company announced that it has become claims to have knowledge of cinema stone tickets to watch the presentations directly without a broker.

Also that the engine had been strengthened by the new dedicated research and learn about the songs and displays the lyrics of the song that are searched for and their results available on the YouTube platform.

The last add-ons Google for it was the launch of the feature Cameos of the new so as to allow for celebrities, actors respond and answer via video to questions and queries of their fans in the region.

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