Google supports the use of the application of Gmail for iOS to receive push notifications two-step verification

Google was previously used on users iOS download the application of its basic support the two-step verification.

In the past year, the company Google to change the way two-step verification to harp on about SMS, that may be sometimes prone to, and adopted instead a confirmation window appears to the user on his phone, and made her way to default to.

Because this feature is included in Android at the system level, the users of the system iOS of Apple TV to install the Google application for authentication of the binary when you log in. To increase adoption of the feature, Google today announced about the availability of the method two-step verification through the application of Gmail for iOS.

And the way two-step verification, which launches the Google name Google Prompt, to send a notification to your phone asking you to confirm logon or rejection, when trying to log in as you to the app or service from Google.

In addition to being safer, these waters provide more information with the “death” Prompt that includes the name of the browser and operating system the user in login, to add to the site, IP address, and the exact time.

And by allowing the development of gimli receive notifications two-step verification, eye Google that it “should encourage more people to use the Google prompt” that particular email application may be more prevalent on iOS than the Gmail application.

If the user has system iOS application of the Google gym with, it will send request to default to the email application. This will be put forward the function of this security for all users of Google in the coming weeks.

Do you think that the Google Prompt more secure than SMS? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Google support the use of the application of Gmail for iOS to receive push notifications two-step verification

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