Google supports their charts with many features in the region

جوجل تدعم خرائطها بالعديد من الميزات في المنطقة

In today’s conference Google for the Middle East and North Africa and of the company for ADD and features for Google Maps in the region, referring to the many figures and statistics about VAM.

Where the company said that there are more than 20 million commercial building and residential have been added for maps on in the region, including 1.2 million business add maps over the past year, the company has indicated for more than 200 thousand km of roads were added to Google Maps at the district level also.

In came new features as follows:

  • Add navigation feature for bikes in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Add the advantage of mobility when out of the track and notice the user that he is out of track.
  • Added a feature to track the flight and share the track with friends and family.

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