Google supports video calls on the Duo by Assistant

Why the company launched the Google help its digital Google Assistant in 2016 was put in mind to have a way to help users accomplish everyday tasks through its other services, thus it was necessary to achieve that integration that allows this.

It’s that integration with the announced date, the users can use the digital assistant Assistant to place the visual information by applying a Duo of Google. And have it by the following command: video call – the name of the person you want to connect to the communication process by the Duo.

In the case of what didn’t apply Duo installed on your phone or not the person that you want to connect uses a Duo, you may see the application of the Hangout as an alternative to make the call.

It is worth mentioning that the settings for Gmail Assistant the digital Assistant began to know the Department of the Office of the information sound and Voice and Video calls, where you can link your account with an account Duo.

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The post Google supports video calls on the Duo via the Assistant was first deployed in the are.

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