Google technology duplex Google Duplex will speak instead of you, what are they and how do they work!

During the conference, Google’s annual developers Google I / O 2018 last week, Google announced the new feature on her personal assistant called Google duplex. So what is this technique and why he deserved all the hype?

Technology Google duplex is the sophisticated stage of artificial intelligence that Google is working on its development for years, this technique has the ability to make calls on our behalf, and conducting talks, the way of mankind, but by the assistant of Google!

You can listen to this conversation first before getting into more details:

Google duplex in place of the real

In the audio recording Arena, it looks like a modern normal between two people to book an appointment at the hairdresser, but the fact this is not a human, he’s the assistant Google with Google Duplex .

None of the journalists and business owners distinguish the voice of the digital assistant, which sparked off protest in the last few years about this technique simulator of human behavior.

How to work Google duplex:

Google uses Duplex machine learning system (TFX) to create a neural network duplicate (RNN) with the functions of word processing through the recognition Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines and text-to-speech (TTS) that move in the pattern images by the employee.

جوجل دوبلكس Google Duplex ستتحدث بدلا منك!

Technology job Google-duplex

This is the way Google duplex technique, but how to know the plugin needs the user to manage the dialogue properly?

The fact the service to the side distinguish them unless they hack the great peculiarities of individuals, even Google is working duplex well control. more and more information and data about the level of service.

The service is still in the process of development, to achieve the quality of thinking required, training is Google Duplex in the scope of the talks is as simple as booking an appointment at the hairdresser or book a table in a restaurant. These talks player human monitor interactions and intervene as necessary. Face these trainers are highly trained, so make conversation on the level of quality desired. At this point, Google can Duplex work free on its own.

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