Google tests its own social network

One day we have already raised the topic that Google constantly like the pipeline that produces the various services and applications to them, and in a short time, realizing that they have not been successful, closes. The company regularly tries to do something worthwhile, but really comes from her it very rarely. So, it is now known that this time Google is not able to resist the desire to create another social network, and this despite the fact that she recently covered Google+.

Google+ has ceased to exist on 2 April 2019

First I would like to recall the now-defunct Google+, the social network owned by Google and allows users to “build social relationships in the Internet”. When the company announced Google+, it stated that the fundamental principles of the service are: users, privacy and socializing. The information shared by the network members, had an influence on personalized search results. Google has decided to close the social network last year after the discovery of security vulnerabilities that reveal information about 52,5 million users. A little later, on 2 April 2019, Google+ ceased to exist completely.

Today it became known that the experimental division of the company Area 120 has developed a social network called Shoelace, designed to help people get acquainted with each other and arrange to meet in real life. There the user selects their interests and social network help him to communicate with like-minded people for various activities. For example, if you have only recently moved to a new city, in this social network you can find, for example, the local book club or people for joint sport activities.

Important function and the possibility is that you can share your actions with others, regardless of whether they have a Shoelace.

While the social network Shoelace only works in new York and at the invitation

Unfortunately, it is not necessary to hope that in the near future we will be able to try Shoelace in action yourself. Now the social network is by invitation only, and only works in new York. Will it be available publicly and outside the United States, will likely depend on test results and typed popularity. Overall, Shoelace and similar services, in my opinion, are a very good idea from the big corporations, because, instead of keeping on the hook, on the contrary, they are trying to distract us from the phone and coerce you to spend more time with like-minded people.

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