Google the best reputation and Microsoft present the absence of Apple, Facebook,


Institute revealed let the Reputation Institute about the companies according to the rating allowed for the year 2018.

Still Google developed increasingly in the control according to the scale allowed where not exposed to falls in market technology companies, giant and caught between competing firms the best arrangement is superior to Microsoft and Apple that missed the first ten have not encountered issues in the final period.

The report of the Institute allowed per annum is the product of a study of companies that have the best social reputation in the world and is based on a survey of more than 230 thousand people in different countries.

The result on the overall level of the was in favor of the company Rolex is famous. Best heard at all in the world and in this it ! Then the company Games Lego in the second place she is so conservative on their reputation unchanged from previous years.

Solved Google American Third better in allowing it the first company in this jurisdiction and in this list. Then move on to tenth place to come to Microsoft.

Apple’s U.S. flew away for the first ten to come in the general arrangement of the Center 58 ! Missed the whole Facebook company Bad let ! After a series of leaks that have reached out to quite the scandal when leaked data of millions of users of its platform.

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Google the best reputation and Microsoft present the absence of Apple and Facebook

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