Google think the difficulty of selling phones Pixel 3 because of its high price tag

قوقل تعترف بصعوبة بيع هواتف بكسل 3 بسبب سعرها المرتفع

Announced Google on its earnings fourth fiscal quarter, but this quarter’s campaign to unpleasant results of the company in the smartphone market, while the system continues to run in the deployment the company has faced great difficulty during the financial period in the sale of handsets that develop on their own.

Said Google to phones that worked on the development of the potential leader and higher price pressures faced by in this area make them suffer in resale compared to the last quarter.

Was Google has launched a phone Pixel 3 at a starting price of $ 799 and can be supportive of the benefits of higher to even $ 999, but it seems that this price was not acceptable to the public although less phones from companies like Huawei and Samsung contains camera specifications amazing. So the company is working on the launch of another phone at a lower price.

Maybe Google sell phones Pixel 3, but apparently it is not the only company because the prices of phones have become are constantly rising and opens the user to maintain his phone a while longer before getting a new phone.

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