Google think twice the sales of the phones Pixel

Recently, more leaks and rumors about phones Google average specifications, and for a simple reason, but it is accurate to enter the market of smart phones medium specifications, due to the high competition for phones leading.

Recently, the CFO of Google to the big competition of the market leading smartphones led to a decrease in sales of phones, the pixels in the last quarter compared to the same quarter of last year, indicating that there is some pressure in the smartphone market-leading and differentiated.

While did not clarify the financial manager what these pressures, we can assume they refer to the increasing competition from Apple and Samsung, and Huawei, as well as the higher prices lead to lower demand for the new phones and users by sticking with the old for a while longer.

Phones Pixel 3 launched at a price less than the flagship phones from Samsung and Apple, and the rear camera is excellent and competition is great, where the phone was available at a price of$ 799, and after less than 9 months from launch, you can get the phone priced at$ 200 from the store Google on the internet.

Source: The Verge

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