Google threatens to cancel free Android

It seems that the company Google is not happy with the recent decisions adopted by the European Union to grant the advent of the search application and the browser Chrome with new smart phones. Out Sander Pichai through a new publication to talk about corporate website of the new decision and impose a fine of $ 5 million on the company.

According to the Executive Director if the failure to be able to develop these applications on the operating system by default frustrating than wanting to order it is presented, according to the breakdown we didn’t come in his statement, which confirmed that the user could prove to more than 50 apps and delete those apps easily.

And in the text of the statement to say the CEO of Google “if you can’t smartphone manufacturers and companies providing services phones put our apps on their devices, it’s frustrating from the environment of the Android system”. Are you right for manufacturers to put in applications or not so do not force now to put the apps by default and not forced to delete apps, too.

The Executive Director added to Google through the publication system of the Android companies are free because of these applications installed by default, indicating that the new resolution creates this balance, in reference not to the exclusion of making the system Android is not free after the free for all these years.

Comes reply Google is clearly users and handset manufacturers, the European Union and to free the Android is not ready yet not to clarify the European Union’s Police how is it possible to fix what he sees the Union as concerns the status of the company’s applications by default on the Android system.

The adoption of this resolution would definitely be no effects on the profits of Google, so don’t expect only a reaction from the company. But this does not mean that the decision to make Android non-free is close, because this decision will need to change a lot while the company already has the largest share in the world for research applications browsing the internet. The solution in which it is possible to resort not google certainly is possible one of the solutions that are not think of us now, anyway we have to wait to see what will come of the company not after the recent decisions against us.

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