Google to after months of the beginning of the process to the era of quantum computing

Reports indicate that the company Google for a few months after the beginning of the process to the era of quantum computing, where it’s about the width of your computer quantum is able to provide the performance of any computer classic plain compared.

According to The assess new of the journal Quanta, it has been suggested by researchers in the laboratory of Google’s artificial intelligence quantum new law, which if true, it will lead to the advent of computers quantum strong by the end of this year.

This may be the law one of the greatest scientific achievements of mankind since we have reached how to harness the power of fire, which is called the law of Nevin (Nevin’s Law).

This law to Hartmut Neven Hartmut Neven, director of Engineering at Google and the founder and director of the artificial intelligence laboratory of quantum.

Currently, there are computers, a quantum function, and companies, such as Google; Microsoft; and IBM; and D-Wave, along with tens of universities worked tirelessly to develop them, but does not lead any computer of something we can’t do it in the normal way via the need a classic normal.

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Stated Hartmut to grow in strength with each new improvement best processor quantum have Google does not like anything that exists in nature, where it’s not growing at an exponential rate, as is the case in Moore’s law, but at twice the rate.

Experts predict that the emergence of thinking about quantum – quantum computers useful – will a promise of progress in all scientific fields almost.

We are talking here about achieving breakthroughs in Chemistry; Physics and astronomy; and; security; and communication, while others believe that quantum computers will help scientists to reach some of the secrets of the universe, such as whether there is life outside our planet.

Some people believe that it can’t be compared to computers quantum computer giant modern, but the plain truth is that computers quantum will not replace the traditional hardware.

According to experts, it is not possible to replace your personal computer with the quantum state, as both are designed to perform different things, despite the fact that both are connected in some way or another.

And you PC classic play games, check e-mail surf the web and run programs, while allowing computers, quantum process simulations is extremely complex for computers traditional.

Claimed Hartmut Neven systems quantum increases in performance at twice the rate, this means that instead of doubling the performance by repeating the sequential, as is the case with computers, the classic Moore’s law, the technology of quantum increasing in performance at a rate even more dramatic.

Recall that Google invested a lot of time, money and staff like any other organization concerned with the technology of Quantum, so it is likely to be a Google Guide for negotiation of quantum.

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