Google to compete with the Giants of wearable devices across buy Fitbit

Announced the company Google that it would buy a company manufacturing wearable devices the Fitbit compared to $ 2.1 million, comes the news a few days after a report by Reuters, claimed that Google is in talks to buy the company industry of fitness trackers famous.

Rick said hotel Rick Osterloh, vice president of Google devices and services, in a blog post about the news: if you buy a Fitbit is an opportunity to invest more in the platform Wear OS as well as the introduction of wearable devices manufactured by Google Made by Google to the market.

According to a report issued by The Information Lost wanted Facebook to buy Fitbit too, but Google offered more money, and was willing to pay twice the amount.

Although I don’t have Facebook a big footprint in the field of hardware, but the fact that trying to buy Fitbit suggests it is looking to expand offerings to its own devices.

She Facebook special attention to fitness trackers before, where acquired in 2014 on the Moves, a fitness app popular for Android devices and iPhone, but it stopped the app after four years of acquisition due to lack of users and lack of development level.

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Under the page, you’ll Fitbit to Google itself, a situation which resembles the current situation with the company Nest, which is fully subject to Google now, compared to the situation where the company that has acquired a company manufacturing smart home devices originally, but she left it as a separate section within the company structure.

According to a press release separately issued by Fitbit, the company continues to take data privacy health and fitness seriously, with reference to the statement of Health, and Fitbit will not be used in Google ads.

The process of acquisition is a logical step, since she spent Google years – and failed to a large extent – in the way suggested the wearable device market through the platform Wear OS, but its struggling to make a real impact.

He has always been characterized devices Fitbit owning a huge popularity, giving the giant the search a much stronger foundation to build a wearables operating system, Android in the future.

And of course incorporating the company’s focus is strong on tracking fitness apps Google Fit the current from Google, which provides the company with an alternative to solid to be the fitness tracker deep of the Apple Watch smart Apple Watch with iPhone.

On the other side, can the capabilities of Google Code, broad support for software developers to help hours Fitbit smartphone, such as the Versa, to become more intelligent, besides the integration of the software deeper with Android.

Recall that buying a Fitbit is not the only investment for Google in the field of devices that focus on fitness, as spent in the month of January 40 million to buy some of the techniques of smart watches from the company Fossil which was acquired by Fossil when the company purchased the Misfit in 2015.

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