Google to facilitate the search for “Work From Home” Google Jobs

Announced Google on Wednesday about improving the search feature on the work provided by through its search engine, will be the focus this time is on helping people interested in finding work from home.

The company said in a publication on her blog: “whether you’re the parents need more flexibility (at work), or someone looking for the freedom to work wherever you want, working from home may meet the needs of your lifestyle”.

Google has added that more people are using its search engine; to find jobs that allow them to work from home, so comes the new ad improve search for work available in the United States.

The company explained that users can search for jobs that fit your skill set, such as: “jobs customer support”, and filter the results by choosing the “work from home” to see a list of ads related to the criteria of the user. Also the user can write “jobs in the region” to explore the available jobs from different industries.

This was in regards to job seekers, while employers who are looking to help remote workers potential, it has Google said it’s used – for the sake of facilitating the task – encoding new that makes jobs they have available, discoverable, regardless of the words used by employers to describe those functions, which is the focus which is used by most of the sites work to drive vacancies to the service “Google Jobs” Google Jobs.

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Google noted that it already works with a range of websites presenting jobs, including: Working Nomads, and We Work Remotely, and ZipRecuiter, and other locations that differ in facilitating access to home-based jobs.

جوجل تسهل البحث عن “العمل من المنزل” عبر Google JobsGoogle to facilitate the search for “Work From Home” Google Jobs

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