Google to reveal cities and countries that its image projects Earth and Street View

It is known that Google has photographed a very large part of our planet view on the projects geographic, like Street View or Google Earth however, we throughout this period I didn’t know how much space that its image Google accurately.

Revealed Google as the space that its image is 10 million miles as the distance of the Longitudinal Development of Street View (i.e. almost 16 million kilometers) while Google has images of 36 million square-mile service and the application of Google Earth this space is equal to 93.2 million square kilometres!

This information has been disclosed through a report published by Cnet, and as you can see, the images archived have service Google Earth is really big so that Google reported that they almost cover 98% of the spaces inhabited by humans!

An enormous amount of Google really … what do you think? And did you use the services of Google geographical and navigational for? We participated in the comments..

Source: TheVerge

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