Google to stop collecting search data in China in a painful blow to the project Dragonfly

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It was reported earlier this year that the company Google is working secretly on a search engine, for China market complies with the censorship laws in China. The company has received many warnings about this project, which it calls Google the code name ” Dragonfly“, and has seen the company Google significant opposition by many employees in the company as well. According to a new report, it seems that the company Google has now stopped the process of data collection in China for this project.

According to the report issued by the website The Intercept that although Google is still looking for a way to return to the market search website in China, has been postponed the official launch for Dragonfly indefinitely. It is reported that executives of the company shut down one of the most important data sources for the project amid opposition from staff. This would make work very hard on Team Dragonfly from now on.

I began to Google search in the searches conducted over the internet in China through the creation of a fake search engine under the domain Is redirected inquiries made via this search engine to Baidu, the largest search engine in China. So can Google recognize what he was looking for users, the Chinese online.

It is now said that Google Inc. has closed the search engine, and team Dragonfly is facing a lot of difficulties to get the data. And, most likely, strong opposition to the project Dragonfly has forced Google to abandon its ambitions in China. During a recent appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, said the CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai that the police do not have ” any plans ” to launch a search engine in China.

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