Google to the rescue to owners of distressed Pixel 2

Some users the Google Pixel 2 has encountered a fatal error that prevents the activation of a regular camera application. Several posts with complaints about this type of problem simultaneously appeared on the portal Reddit and on social networks.

Error camera Pixel 2

“Several times I noticed a mistake on your [Pixel 2] — says the user with the nickname fiorm. — Sometimes when trying to make the camera app suddenly froze, and then closed by itself, and sometimes took a picture, but she was spoiled.”

Not working camera. What to do

Representatives of the technical support Google is already aware of the problem and are working on a fix. In the interim, users confronted with a failure, it is recommended to restart the phone then try to activate the camera in flight mode.

According to the users complained about crashing, proposed by Google, the Council did not return for the operability of camera. The only way to get the camera to work, ascertain the owners of the problematic Pixel 2 is to run it through any third-party app with similar functionality.

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