Google told how she is struggling with millions of fake companies on Google Maps

Yesterday a well-known newspaper The Wall Street Journal published its own investigation, stating that the popular Google Maps service there are millions of fake companies, but today Google gave an official response detailing the measures taken by the company to combat this problem.

In Google Maps appears every day thousands of new fake companies

According to experts in online advertising polled by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), every day, “approximately 11 million non-existent companies that are already in Google Maps” are supplemented by hundreds of thousands of the same fakes. Many of these companies are specific organizations specializing in the creation of fake results for clients who want to improve their position in search results.

In response, to the study the WSJ product Director at Google Maps Ethan Russell (Ethan Russell) wrote that of the more than 200 million companies, added to Google Maps in recent years, only a “small percentage” is fake. He said that last year Google removed more than 3 million fake business profiles, including more than 90% of them were removed before users saw them. Auto engine Google has identified 85% of the companies removed, while 250 thousand organizations were discovered through complaints of users. The company also blocked 150 thousand user accounts that were deemed offensive, which is 50% more than in 2017.

Google does not disclose details on ways to combat fraud, as it will simplify their recent activity

Ethan Russell wrote that Google is “constantly working on new and more effective ways of dealing with these scammers using a variety of constantly developing both manual and automated systems”, but can’t share more information about them, because otherwise the scammers would find a way around them.

Along with Apple, Amazon, Facebook and parent company Google Alphabet now came under antitrust investigation by the Federal trade Commission and the U.S. Department of justice, and its search business in a short time will inevitably be subjected to scrutiny.

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