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For almost the past week, there was a small conflict situation, related to the fact that Google Search was accused of copying lyrics from the Genius service. Google argued that it only licenses the information from third parties, and today published a more detailed explanation of how exactly is the process of adding lyrics in the Search.

When you’re looking for a song in Search, Google often returns as a result of a YouTube video with a special panel, containing lyrics, links to streaming services and other information about the artist/album/release/genre. A query that explicitly requires the “lyrics” will display the full text as the first element in the top of search results.

Google declares that it does not copy the content from third-party resources

Edition of the Wall Street Journal a few days ago published an article which said that Google Search copy the content from the resource Genius. Today Google responded to this claim, stating that “it does not scan and does not copy the sites for receiving these texts.”

If possible, Google pays music publishers for the right to display song lyrics in your Search. However, in most cases, the publishers simply no digital transcriptions of songs, and then Google instead accesses a third-party “content providers”.

The search giant announced that he has asked his partners to “understand the situation”, starting with third-party content providers (lyrics), as I do a Google Search sure as hell couldn’t copy the tests from the website Genius.

In the news this week it was suggested that one of our providers lyrics leads a dispute with a website that contains the lyrics, about where to Search are these the most texts. We asked our partner involved in such a content, to investigate the problem to make sure that everything happens according to our high standards and requirements for delivery of content.

After a little investigation Google has added to Search the name of organization that provided the lyrics

Shortly after the claims against Google, the company has added to its Search for lyrics special attribution indicating the source. As you can see in the screenshots above and below this paragraph, and now the inscription “Source: LyricFind” (Source: LyricFind) appears as in the text below the video and the song lyrics in search results (in the expanded and collapsed version).

To make it clearer, where are the lyrics, we added an indication to a third party providing it.

Formerly known as Rap Genius, a crowdsourcing platform had its share of copyright issues. In addition, in 2013, Google was fined a website for the manipulation of the ranking of search results by using backlinks. The Genius apologized and reappeared in Google after a short absence, and later the service has expanded to other types of annotation content.

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