Google told how the important function of the Google Pixel 3

Software plays a huge role in your work Google Pixel 3. Largely thanks to the flagship device of Google has earned the title of best cameraphone running Android with a single camera, as we told you on our page in “Yandex.Zen” (by the way, subscribe, every day there are exclusive materials that are not covered on the website). Wanting to convey this information to users, Google decided to tell how one of the most popular shooting modes.

This mode was Top Shot. As its name implies, it allows you to select the best shots from a series of 90 images, which are made for fifteen seconds before and after the shutter is released. The selection is based on many factors. Neural network in a database which has several thousand images, analyzing the content of photographs, noting such factors as the quality of light, open eyes, smile, and emotions photographed and the presence in the frame of the movement.

“Smart” continuous shooting Pixel 3 on Google

But we consider only exterior features of the image, but also technical. Top Shot studies the exposure, the performance of autofocus and auto white balance. The analysis software puts assessment photos, comparing them with the standard examples from the memory and generates the best, in his opinion, footage.

The principle of Top Shot are virtually indistinguishable from the Live Photos in iOS. Here and there camera smartphones makes a few shots, but in the second case, they are bonding for the formation of a short video, and highlighted in the first image the best. Because Google’s algorithms are imperfect, the user is offered the choice of three images – the original and two alternative, so that he could choose what he likes more.

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