Google told me how to create application on Android

“Development of Androidapplications in the language of Kotlin” is a free online course that Google developed together with the educational organization Udacity to anyone who wants to undergo self-study and to learn the basics (and not only) programming the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Of course “Developing Android applications with Kotlin language” you can learn how to create Android applications using standard tools and libraries in programming language Kotlin. Google States that the foundations of developing for the Android platform in this course are studied in the context of the architecture that provides the basis for reliable and supported for a long time. The course also discusses reasons and ways to use Jetpack Android components, such as the Room database, Work Manager for background processing, component Navigation, and more.

Learn more you can learn about this course by clicking on the link below, and I will say only that at the time of his passing you will create fun and interesting applications such as photo gallery with images of the surface of Mars, the game, sleep tracker and more. This course is designed for people who have programming experience and are familiar with the basics of Kotlin. If you are not familiar with the Kotlin language, then I would recommend that you take a course for beginners Udacity Kotlin Bootcamp.

The course is available online absolutely for free on the Udacity website. As for anybody not a secret that programming is a profession of the future, if you have basic knowledge of Kotlin and the English language, you should definitely try to take this course, because, who knows, maybe what you will become in future one of the leading software developers in the world.

The course Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

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