Google told us how the augmented reality mode in Google Maps

The developers at Google are working on implementing Google Maps in my advanced visual positioning system, which will operate together with the data of compass and GPS, says the company’s official blog. This is a special technology that will allow users to better navigate in space, using the camera of your smartphone. It formed the basis of the augmented reality mode, which will provide more efficient operation of the embedded Navigator.

Due to the complex nature of the new functions that are combined with other systems of orientation in space, Google was able to achieve extremely high positioning accuracy. Unlike the AR cards from independent developers, which only impose a virtual guide on the screen of the smartphone, the development of Google literally defines the objects in the frame. This was achieved through the analysis of data obtained from the “street View”.

AR-mode in Google Maps

Thus, Google Maps is literally you know that the user is in front of an object, be it a monument, building or public transport. After analyzing seen by the camera, the algorithms can accurately predict the future path, helping to avoid confusion with the choice of direction. In this case, for Google Maps it does not matter which side of the object will be the user. Cards recognize him anyway.

But such a complex positioning system should not be used as the primary method of orientation in the urban environment, believe the developers. Therefore, they stated, the effect of the visual positioning is limited in time. This is probably due to the strains that his work has on the smartphone, is forced to simultaneously process data of several types, one of which is the graph with artificial overlay of virtual objects.

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