Google told which features Google Pixel expect in the future

One of the key advantages of the devices of the Pixel line in front of competitors, of course, is direct access to the updates. Due to the fact that Google itself is developing a new version of Android, its branded smartphones always get all the latest updates first, while all others are forced to guess whether they will get the same update and, if so, when it will happen. After all, for most of the manufacturers of such thing as software support, it seems, does not exist. Apparently, so Google has decided to give its customers a feeling of superiority, began to publish a list of future innovations that only will appear in future firmware versions.

Google has decided in advance to tell what features will appear in updates for Google Pixel

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This week Google introduced the initiative of the Pixel Feature Drop. In fact, it is just a description of all new features that the company plans for smartphones Pixel. However, it is not very clear, they are all of them implemented in the next update, or will Google prefer to post the releases on time. In any case, innovations are too much for one update, so it would be logical to release them all gradually rather than dump all at once.

The contents

Portrait mode for regular photos

Portrait mode in the Google Camera will now work with ready-made images

In the Google Camera app will have a new mechanism that can turn photos taken in normal mode, in portrait. Special algorithms analyze the frame and determine the subject and blurs the background behind it. The output should look like the original was made in portrait mode. And because background blur is responsible not optics, and software tools, you can count on high quality results.

Answering Google Assistant

Call Screen automatiseret communication with unwanted callers

A function Call Screen appeared in firmware of the Google Pixel is not yesterday, and is designed to protect against unwanted calls. It allows the smartphone to automatically answer the call and passing the call contents on the screen in the form of text, to give the user the option to decide whether to take it up or not. In one of the next updates this feature will work automatically, in fact, playing the role of responder. Thanks to her smartphone will play back pre-recorded user message, urging callers to state their name and the purpose of the call.

Google Update Duo

The quality of video calls in Google Duo will be better

Google Duo is a handy tool for making video calls, which replaces the Android user service FaceTime. However, Google is far behind the development of Apple’s video quality and ability to focus on the user. Soon, however, the Duo will be special tools that will make the front camera of the smartphone to continuously monitor the subscriber to keep the focus on it, and if necessary, switch to the exhibited objects.

The Updated Google Now

Updated Google now will appear on the old Pixel

This year, Google introduced an updated version of “Google Assistant”, which, first, meets with little or no delay, and secondly, performs part of the tasks in offline mode and, thirdly, have got a number of new features. Its only drawback has been the limited compatibility, why he only worked with Pixel 4. However, in the foreseeable future, the updated Assistant will also appear in the earlier IOS devices Pixel.

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