Google told why inhibited smartphones Pixel

For a couple of weeks Reddit is full of posts of unhappy owners of smartphones Pixel, and all because one user has created a thread which explained how to disable “Digital prosperity” (Wellbeing Digital) forced him Pixel 3 to work much faster. One user wrote the following: “Hell, my Pixel 3 finally became the leader”.

Many users of the popular resource agreed with this comment, claiming that their Pixel really has improved performance after disabling the ill-fated functions, but others say that did not notice any difference. Recently, however, joined the discussion, the representative of Google, explaining that Digital Wellbeing has nothing to do with. Apparently, some users triggering the placebo effect.

Then what is the problem of low productivity of smartphones Pixel

A Google spokesperson explained that Google came to this conclusion after a thorough analysis of the submitted bug reports and internal test, and only then it became clear that software had no problems. However, the good news is that while working with reports, Google also found some previously unidentified performance issues. Fixes for the detected errors apply for all smartphones Pixel now.

Why some users Pixel become more bright to work after disabling Digital Wellbeing

First, as I said, is the place to be a placebo effect, and this is no joke. The fact that disable Digital Wellbeing on smartphones Pixel is completely impossible. You can’t turn off yourself APK, you can only force stop it. And when you try to disable the application access to the track, you will see that it still continues to follow you. That is what he said: “If you re-enable access to Digital Wellbeing data show about the last 10 days of use from the storage of your device”.

No one has posted a side by side comparison of the devices with activated and deactivated by the function of Digital Wellbeing, to say with full confidence about who is right, the user or the representative of Google, it is impossible.

Application: Digital well-being
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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