Google Translate and the google translate.. the differences and advantages and more!

The development of the Translation Service Google or translator Google to always trade the best among the alternatives to translate words and texts. I started the service via the Google website since a lot of years to achieve great fame very to evolve and come to develop with the development of smart phones big.

To keep pace with this evolution and also achieve fame for their services extensively Google has developed Google Translate as part of the operating system Android in people Android previous marshmallow by just selecting the text to show option to upgrade using Google translator directly without going to the app or site or any additional procedures.

In this article we review the advantages that can help you use Translate Google the best form of using either your personal computer or using the Android app. Also there is some service that can provide you with a large number of watches.

Use Google Translate as the camera

مترجم جوجل وتطبيق ترجمة جوجل.. الفوارق والمزايا والمزيد!

Many know that it is possible to use writing to translate any text of any kind via Google Translate but what about the use of images camera? The application of Google Translate lets you talk to write what you say and translate it instantly with the app on the words you speak most of the languages including the Arabic language, certainly the sky is not the required efficiency, but an advantage that can benefit you and could be a lifesaver for you if you are writing texts in English.

In addition to translation support using the photo application of Google Translate also supports the use of the camera to read app texts directly where all you need is to click on the camera button and directing it towards a book or paper to find the app does magic and reads texts found in writing to translate it at the same moment.

Translated conversations via Google Translate

مترجم جوجل وتطبيق ترجمة جوجل.. الفوارق والمزايا والمزيد!

Google translations are known for their use in the translation of articles from a lot of languages and each other, but it is possible that maybe not many people know in the service of Google translator and inside the main interface of service of Google Translate itself, without the need to apply is a feature that translate the conversations which listen to an entire conversation between two people even if they speak in two different languages and translate the texts into the desired language.

Although this feature is not famous exactly but it could be useful for those who don’t want to just translate texts audio but translate the full dialogue between two people directly. When considering to the fact you’ll find mark microphone under the All check box to select the language settings that will be translated through the dialogue in addition to the relationship in the middle of the fact to the full.

Translate any text on your phone with One Touch Google Translate

مترجم جوجل وتطبيق ترجمة جوجل.. الفوارق والمزايا والمزيد!

If you have a smartphone, you can enjoy one of the advantages that appeared in the Android version in Manhattan or Android 6 a feature to translate text in real time, as selected with the utmost ease.

When selecting the text shows you choose to upgrade through the Google translator that when you touch her text is translated automatically, with the knowledge of your language automatically. This will be useful if you read an article and found a word I don’t know what it means, and you want to get out of the browser or app you are using so don’t feel distracted and lose your concentration in reading or work you want to do. Also there is a feature to mark Google translator always on the screen even used the advantages of the app at any time.

Download translation files Arabic and English and any other language

مترجم جوجل وتطبيق ترجمة جوجل.. الفوارق والمزايا والمزيد!

If you are using the application Google Translate on your smart phone too much and not always have an Internet connection the app lets you download the dictionary full user upgrade on your smartphone, for languages that use often with the freedom to add other languages. Certainly for us will be Arabic and English are the first downloading but the app anyway allows you to download any other language.

When you download these files you will see them on your smart phone you can scan it later if you want to save space. As when you use the translation feature more or without connecting to the Internet you’ll find that you can enjoy all the advantages except the advantage of translating the conversations that need to connect to the Permanent list. As for the advantages of recording audio and use the camera, there won’t be any problem in using them without an Internet connection.

Interpretation of the Visual in the application of Google translator

مترجم جوجل وتطبيق ترجمة جوجل.. الفوارق والمزايا والمزيد!

Acquired Google company years ago on a company called visual quest had developed an engine for the support of augmented reality technology. Acquisition of Google has led to the advent of this feature to the application Google Translate. You can touch the mark to the camera for direction toward a mark in the road, for example, to translate immediately above the real photo like they show in your language.

This feature is very useful to those who travel to countries that don’t know much about languages, but you could try it too just in any place but don’t forget to set the language of the main interface first, because the language that you choose is the one that will be used when you try to use this feature.

Translate strange words using Google Translate

مترجم جوجل وتطبيق ترجمة جوجل.. الفوارق والمزايا والمزيد!

Owns Google a huge number of words for each language, but we find some words you don’t know or own words or by our work, and in this case all you have to do is add these words to your dictionary in settings to be identified and translated within the text in the future without any trouble from you. At any time you can scan this dictionary or amendment to either remove the words or add new words.

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