Google translate on Android gets one of the most important features of Google Lens

Despite the lack of success with too innovative at the time, a product of Google Glass, Google firmly believes that augmented reality will dominate the future of its services like Search and Maps. Of course, Google Lens also not spared during the recent Google I/O, and throughout the discussion of its updates has demonstrated many features that facilitate the perception of real information through the camera lens of the smartphone and facilitates thus your life. Among these new features within Google Lens will appear instantly translates automatic language detection, but prior to that, he has already become available in the app Google translate on Android.

A detailed analysis of a new build of Google Translator number 5.29 indicates a future update of the app interface and adding new features that will improve the translation quality when using the camera. The instant of translation was updated, including new functions for automatic language detection. Not only will this help you to quickly translate, but also ensures that when you point the camera at any object with text in another language, you can count on a precise definition of the application of this language and the correct translation.

As a novelty of the new interface, at the bottom there is a new panel with three available modes, such as “Instant” (Instant [translation]), “Scan” (Scanning) and “Import” (Import). Immediate mode, which is currently indicated by the icon in the shape of the eyes, now also received a more informative button “Pause translation” (to Pause the transfer). The text translated in the “Instant” is displayed over the original text in the same or similar to the original style.

“Scan” mode is very similar to its previous version, but there is little innovation in the form of a button “Clear” (Clear) which allows you to remove the selected set of words. In addition, the mode “Import” allows you to select and scan the existing image from the gallery for the translated text on them.

Although the functionality of the Google Translator is quite similar to previous versions, in terms of features, new interface with more obvious symbol icons greatly simplifies its use. New interface and automatic language detection must be available in the Google translate version 5.29, but apparently, this update occurs on the server side, therefore, to accurately predict the update difficult. So as to discover innovations was only in the latest beta of the Android version Q, there is a suspicion that this may be a necessary condition for the new function works (although it is impossible to say for sure). In the meantime, you can check for updates of Google Translator in Google Play.

App: Google Translate
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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