Google tricked collecting user photos for face recognition Pixel 4

User data collection is one of the implicit directions of the activities of Google in which she pretty well succeeded. To this end the company is constantly developing and testing new methods of accumulation and processing of information voluntarily or involuntarily provided by the user, as well as methods of use. Generally this information is used either to improve the quality of existing Google services, or for forming relevant ads to each particular person. But this year, Google went even further.

Face recognition — soon Google Pixel

As previously reported, this summer, Google began collecting photos of random people, presumably for training the face recognition technology, which was to debut in smartphones Pixel of the fourth generation. Then it was alleged that Google to convince passers-by to agree to a short photo session, they were paid $ 5. Recently, however, it became clear that collectors, though regularly paid with their victims, which often turned out to be homeless, they simply did not warn them that are collecting photos.

Face detection

The device for collecting user photos

According to The New York Daily News, collection photos Google worked through their contractors, which gave its employees setup not to tell random strangers about what they do. So instead of asking permission to collect photos, people who chose to collect data on their faces was just offered to play with a not yet released smartphone. Apparently, so was planned to minimize the number of failures that definitely would have been higher if people were telling the truth.

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However, the fact of the secret collection of photos did not stop. It turns out that Google coordinator responsible for working with the contractors, told them to collect as many photos of black people, allegedly in order to increase the efficiency of recognition. And since in the US such things are too sensitive, Google has managed to brand a bunch of racists, threatening the company’s litigation for discrimination of the black population and a breach of confidentiality.

The scandal involving Google. So what?

Google already knows about the incident and promises to conduct a thorough investigation of the situation. However, it is not very clear what kind of punishment will follow for those responsible, especially because, apparently, the initiative came from the company itself, and to return the users who unwitting participation in the program improve the face recognition technology, their pictures did not come out. Therefore, most likely, this scandal will be over to Google the same things and many others related to the illegal collection of data — nothing.

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