Google Trips got a full-fledged website for travel planning

Евгений Коваленко

Google now Trips allows you to fully plan your trip in one place.

Google has many useful services that, in particular, greatly facilitate travel planning. Now the company has combined some of these services in one website, which is available at

Google Trips available to users of the Explore tab (Overview), Flights (Flights), Hotels (Hotels) and Packages. Thus, it is sufficient to introduce the desired location, after which you will be able to see popular tourist destinations, find the cheapest flight tickets and book a hotel. You can even set up tracking the prices of certain flights.

In addition, Trips Google pulls information from Gmail about your past trips and future travels and details about them you can send to your colleagues or friends. Another update will affect Google Maps. In the coming months your travels, including reservation of hotels and restaurants, will be displayed on maps.

Source: Google

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