Google unveils high-resolution screen for the virtual reality

Google unveils OLED screen measuring 4.3 inch with a density of 1443 pixels like a custom system of virtual reality.

Over the past year, Google has announced about a secret project to provide high-resolution screens of virtual reality has become virtual reality technologies usable in fun after decades of unremitting efforts to develop this technique.

Now reveal Google officially unveiled the OLED display HD at the exhibition Display Week 2018, so this screen includes three times the number of pixels available on the screen of the glasses provided by the company HTC and Oculus.

Collaborated Google with LG for the development of this screen that comes heavily 1443 pixels like, with a wide field of vision, making them ideal for augmented reality and virtual mobile devices.

Earlier than 2017, explained Clay Bavor head of the Department of virtual reality for within the company Google that the ultimate goal for the giant research is to provide the experience of virtual reality is quite real, and to get to this point technically, there is a need for the availability of screens accurately visually bigger by gaining better clarity and a broader vision.

Speaking of this screen, they come measuring 4.3 inches and accurately 3840 x 4800 pixels (18 megapixel), with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, and see the 120 x 96 FOV, with a signal to Google that the maximum human vision is 9600 x 9000 or FOV 160 x 150 or 2183 pixels like.

According to Google, there is a need for more pixels in order to provide experience to best use, so that the new screen provides precise images stunning in comparison with virtual reality glasses such as System HTC HTC Vive Pro so that it includes these glasses screen measuring 3.5 inches and accurately 1440×1600 pixels for each eye density 615 pixels like with a refresh rate of 90 Hertz and the vision of 110 degrees.

While the system provides HTC Vive screen $ 3.6 afterall 1080×1200 pixels per eye and density of 448 pixels like with a refresh rate of 90 Hertz and the vision of 110 degrees.

It should be noted the lack of confirmed information about when we can expect to see this screen in the market, where it is clear that Google has introduced this screen as proof of the possibility of encounter, there is no currently planned to be used in any consumer products.


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