Google unveils its game Pharos en in partnership with the Childish Gambino was

قوقل تكشف عن لعبتها Pharos AR وبالشراكة مع Childish Gambino

Teamed up Google with singer Childish Gambino was for a period of time, and it was the first product of the cooperation application and which is based on the augmented reality AR, now back Monday a lot more problems, and creates a weaken you in the world of Childish Gambino was the experience of reality is enhanced through a game called Pharos en.

Where when you open the game for the first time, you will be welcomed through the front of a chic ask you to use headphones, and enable access to the camera and use the Wi-Fi being that the game is multi-player, then you can enter the Pink Door is available in your environment, where you will find a cave accompanied by the sound of Childish Gambino was.

In mode multi-players, you will see the players involved as a silhouette photos, but of course not the application can imitate their movements, it seems that the game is perfectly suited for outdoor use because I quickly stopped in front of the walls directly, and within the virtual world, you need to find the codes drawn hidden in your surroundings will become more of the environments or levels with more music from Childish Gambino was.

Finally think of the game on the augmented reality platform ARCore of Google that are powered by Unity, which makes it widely available to more of the AR application Playground, which is only available on phones Pisek, now, if you’re interested you can get the game Pharos en via downloaded free from the store Google Play, or download a file the APK from here.

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