Google updates recent cause to disable applications on the Huawei phones and honer!

If you own a device from the devices Huawei or honor, you may notice that some of the apps that relate to Maps Google do not work well. Instead, the notice appears is “update Google Play services”, though there’s no update running.

According to people in the middle of the Google products and traceroute problems on Google, the problem may have arisen from the latest update to Google Play services, version 12.6.73. It has been reported that the last update broke the integration of Google Maps and location sharing in certain applications, which makes applications such as aweber completely useless!

Worse, to update Google Play services looks like it created other problems, such as accidents, Google Pay and issues relating to contact Google Home. Maybe wrong update also in Android Auto .

If the reason behind this?

It’s common with these problems is that they appeared on the devices Huawei and honor, regardless of the version number of Android.

You Huawei the presence of the familiar declared that they are familiar with the problems they identified are already the reason behind it back.

According to Google, the problem was with “an unexpected change permissions of the file system”. The company said it will launch a new version of the updates to resolve these issues.

In the meantime, owners can Huawei who suffer from this problem disable Google Play services and restart the phone. Alternatively, you can clear app cache or uninstall the app update, via these steps:

Settings> software> Google Play services> storage> manage space> clear all data.

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