Google used OLED screens from Samsung in phone Pixel 3 XL

When you talk about the market for OLED screens, we can say that Samsung has a monopoly and dominate the market almost not only because of the enormous amount that can be produced but also the quality of the screen. With proof OLED screens from Samsung always it is better than other alternatives, it seems that Google became aware of it with their phones latest Pixel 3.

Although first and second generation phones Pixel was dependent on the OLEDs produced by LG only to dismantle the phone Pixel 3 XL New revealed that the OLED screen used is of the production of Samsung and LG.

While these phones will compete with Samsung phones in the market, but the Korean company look at it from another perspective, if it was to prevail over the identity of the target is what you want, but if the opposite happened, they will bind on each device shows its competitors, they are providing Apple with the OLED, and is now doing the same thing with Google.

After that I got the website iFixit, famous for phone Pixel 3 XL, unzip its parts to show that the OLED screen compared to 6.3 inches used are from the production of Samsung, which also explains the remarkable improvements that became the device with regard to color accuracy.

Do you think that Samsung is the best of the OLED screen is? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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