Google uses sneaky methods against competitors Google Play

App for Android smartphone you can install only from Google Play. There are alternative app stores. Some of them created by manufacturers of smartphones and other individual developers and studios. One of these shops – Aptoide. Its creators have filed a complaint against Google and its misconduct in relation to their activities.

According to Bloomberg, the Google Play Protect that protects smartphones from malicious programs that notified users that the store Aptoide can download malware, for which he is to remove from devices.

The creators Aptoide say that it did the job their store impossible. According to them, Google is violating competition rules of the European Union. For this reason, the complaint was filed on the company to the European Commission.

Paulo Trezentos, CEO of Aptoide, described the behavior of Google aggressive. In addition, he noted that Aptoide is one of the safest.

Recently Google no luck, and the company may be required to pay a fine.

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