Google want to help you achieve the Android

Aim of Google is mainly of all kinds of studies to improve the current user experience and build the future of the Android platform and the various products and services to other Google.

Do you want to help Google in making the product better, here is the opportunity has come, with the aim of enhancing the user experience, Google launched a new program brings together a number of users who will choose products and services and new features on the Android platform before it is released to the public under a program called “Google-User-Research Experience”, so that this program gives participants incentives and rewards.

It is also estimated that Google says to bring truck search that will work on providing different offers are not asking them to create new studies from different locations, at least within the United States of America in the beginning.

In the event you wanted to participate in a research program to commercial users within Google, you need to complete the preliminary reconnaissance: Click here, and if it is your choice to participate in one of the studies you will get a questionnaire to assist the research team in creating the studies correspond to certain answers, and you get all the details including time, location, and the way to participate.

These studies are either by visiting one of the Google offices nearby or through a research or remotely through desktop computers or mobile devices, and Google indicates that the more information you provide, the more your chances of hiring a team.

How will Google also send researchers to the location of the participants or their homes in some cases for the studies, the Google participants cards gifts, Donations to charity is their favorite.

There are different types of studies, including the study of the possibility to use in one of the offices of Google, and examine the usability of Remote, the study sampling pilot study, budget, questionnaires, Google aims mainly all kinds of studies to improve the current user experience and build the future of the Android platform and the various products and services to other Google.

By enrolling in the program, you will get access to products and services that have not yet ratified and features of the different Android before anyone else, so that you can tell Google about your opinion on their products to emerging and new features, and among those who constitute the future of this company.

It should be noted that to participate in the Google Experience Experience Research, you will not need to be an expert of Google or an expert to the computer.


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