Google want to link the desktop version of Chrome mobile

If you are a user of Google Chrome for Android, you have probably noticed that all phone numbers that you come across in the Network, highlighted as links. CTR allows you to click on a number and you are immediately transported into a Phone app, where it will already be typed, and all that remains for you to confirm the call by pressing the call key. For obvious reasons there is no such option in the desktop version of the web browser, but the developers want Google to fix this annoying fault.

According to 9To5Google, Google is working on implementation in the function browser OneChrome. It is designed to unify some functions of the mobile and desktop versions of Google Chrome, one of which will become clickable phone numbers. This ensures that users can by clicking on the number on the computer to initiate an instant set on the smartphone, which then can be a challenge.

Shared clipboard

The intentions of Google is to unify the mobile and desktop version of our web browser is commendable. So the search giant will be able to strengthen its ecosystem, significantly facilitating the lives of users of their applications and services. The convenience of this solution has confirmed Apple introducing iOS and macOS shared clipboard which allows to copy a particular item on the computer and insert it already on the smartphone or tablet.

However, the click-to-call which allows to initiate a call on your smartphone with the computer, I personally think unnecessary. First, dial the telephone number on the keyboard of the smartphone is not so difficult. And, secondly, it can lead to incorrect calls. The habit many users will click on a number on the computer that will automatically be copied to the phone memory, and then forgetting about it, you risk accidentally confirm the call and get into an awkward position. But perhaps someone such a prospect would have to taste.

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