Google wants to make SMS for Android free

With the advent of instant messaging services such as SMS, have practically ceased to enjoy popularity in many countries of the world. It got to the point that some operators even stopped to offer the possibility of sending messages by this method on some tariffs unnecessary. This is understandable – why pay money for something that’s available absolutely free when you install any of the messengers. Another thing is that in the absence of the Internet to support conversation would be impossible. But Google have thought about this.

Google has decided that it will be able to provide users with Android the opportunity to exchange short messages even without a connection to the Internet. This will be possible thanks to the development of the standard text messaging RCS.

What is RCS messages

By and large RCS can be called an analogue of iMessage from Apple, which allows you to write messages with it, and in his absence, to send a paid SMS-message. The only difference RCS messages is that they are always free regardless of the availability of Internet connection, despite the fact that their conduct will be handled by the operators.

Google has long been leading work on the development of the standard RCS, but still not implemented because of security issues. The fact that the messages that are passed within the RCS that are not protected by encryption, and thus can be intercepted by third parties, in terms of modern safety requirements is a major reason for the rejection of technology. But, according to Google’s Director for product Sanaz Zachary, the company has found a way to ensure privacy when communicating via the RCS, which will be implemented in the near future.

Features RCS

  • The standard in RCS is incompatible with SMS, and thus RCS to exchange messages, only those users whose provider supports this service.
  • RCS communications are available on any Android smartphone without having to install third-party applications.
  • Unlike iMessage, which defines standard messages automatically, Google will allow users to manually select which standard to use: RCS or SMS depending on what is their source.
  • Despite the efforts of Google to ensure privacy of correspondence of users, RCS-messages are protected end-to-end encryption, which means that the provider can read them and, if necessary, to give to the authorities.

Personally I do not believe in the success of RCS. Versatility and no payment for messages will definitely interest some users, but will not allow to become the standard of mass. The main reason is a weak defense without end-to-end encryption that allows you to read sent messages, in fact, to anyone with the appropriate access. And, given the dependence of operators from the authorities, this will.

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