Google wants to turn Android 9 to a closed system

As long as I know the Android System two things: first, being open source and customizable makes it easier for developers and hardware manufacturers machined to appropriate users. Secondly, the late arrival of the new versions, but this is about to change according to new reports.

Google working on speeding up the arrival of the updates

Immediately after the launch of Android oreo, announced Google on the project “Treble” which is a new way to activate the software Android systems major with a user interface that is built by the hardware manufacturer so that each separate entity. So the mere arrival of version or a new update for the Android system of Google, it will match the hardware on the level of the world, the wanted hardware manufacturer to write the software Android key and create a special interface or customize the system you’ll have to send developments that are being it as a new update later, which can accelerate the arrival of Android updates to users. And even now Android oreo, it seems that companies will not seek the participation of Treble, but that will change Android 9 P where the support will be binding to all.

For fear of turning Android to iOS

Some believe that step Google this will they close parts of Android so that they are protected from modification by the developers. He reported the members elected for the community of developers XDA Developers that the Android platform will prevent applications from using the Application Programming Interface API hidden and non-bank them, they are used in applications to bring some of the jobs nurses are unique and independent of the mechanism that implemented it, this means that developers will be forced to find another way to bring jobs to the app otherwise it will collapse. But that’s no big deal. because the Application Programming Interface hidden he didn’t want third-party applications developers to find from the foundation, and now Google hold the way to use it.

Google is no stranger to close the software

Phones pixels is somewhat closed, the programme of DEP closed system, as well as the advantage of the era of the aspects closed unless you use a third-party application to change its function (launch helper Google), Android devices, removable poncho closed as well. As narrow Google down on the use of service to access prior months to make sure not to use them in applications does not exist for people with disabilities. It is therefore all the more know that Google is no stranger to the idea of restricting the software to enforce some rules in order to ensure an ecosystem more stable and less breakup. Which is what makes developers worried about some kind of reservation Google more and more. All in all, we see no shift Android once to be a closed system like iOS, the decision to Google the current affects a small slice of amateur developers and there is no reason to worry yet.

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