Google warns that Android might not remain free

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جوجل تحذر من أن أندرويد قد لا يبقى مجانيًا

Reply Sundar pichai Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, on the EU’s decision to impose a fine on the giant Sea of 5 billion dollars across a publication managed by the company’s decision to provide the application to the browser Google Chrome and search on Android system, where he highlighted the fact that the level of the Android model will work on installing about 50 apps by myself, and can remove pre-installed apps easily, but prevent Google from providing its applications will lead to confusion of the ecosystem for Android .

Said Sundar: “if you are not able to makers of phones, operators, mobile phones of embed our applications on a large range of devices, it will lead it to ruin the equilibrium of the ecosystem for Android”, and includes the CEO, precisely the fact that it will not be to force companies to manufacture phones to include these applications, but still can choose to do so.

And behold pichai to the adoption of the business model of Android Free this apps, where it says: “until now, the business model of Android means that we didn’t have to impose a fee on the makers of the phones use our technology, or rely on a business model for an arbitrator to distribute the system, but we are concerned that the EU’s decision today will lead to disruption of the delicate balance that we saved through the Android platform, and that the decision sends a worrying signal for systems backup instead of Open Systems”.

The President wrote to the Executive: “if you bought a phone running Android, you choose one of the most mobile platforms common in the world, which enlarges the range of choice of phones available in all over the world, the European Commission issued today a decision to fit against the Android model of the business”.

He argued pichai to Android offers a strong Competitor for the iPhone operating system, iOS from Apple, and as a result, it has helped in providing a wide range of hardware in all areas-price, while the EU accused Google of forcing handset makers to adhere to strict rules include pre-installation of applications to the company, the Google replied that some rules were necessary to ensure the work of all the versions the same way so can application developers to write code that works across a wide range of devices.

Wrote Sundar says: “in order to be open platforms to be successful, must balance the needs of each person who uses them, and history shows that, without rules about basic compatibility, the parts of the open source platforms, hurt users and developers and the owner of my phones, and keep up the rules of availability of Android this, and help make it an attractive product for everyone in the long run”.

Explained the CEO: “This investment makes sense for us because we can offer for phones option pre-installation for a range of applications Google common like search, Chrome browser and Google Play, maps, and C, which is entitled to some profit for us, but help all of these applications to ensure that the phone works directly after running it for the first time, nor the handset makers to embed our services, they also have the freedom to install applications of the competition in advance along with our Applications, This means that we are making profit if you have already installed our apps, if you choose the people using our apps, rather than apps competition”.

He noted that all applications easy installation and uninstallation, and said that depending on the investment company in the Android platform, it is reasonable to ask Google from the makers of the phones include some of its applications, and of course, the European Union says he heard all these arguments, but he refused it, however, said Sundar said that the decision threatens the financial foundations for the Android system, so the company plans to continue the fight.

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