– Google was about to launch H suitable strongly for Apple

The Apple Watch if he has a problem then her problem is she kind of exclusive to Apple products, that you can’t use them effectively unless you have the iPhone and various other Apple products and this dish للـEcosystem Apple which keeps us locked inside, but what about Android?

On the other hand with regard to Android operating system video player that hours a strong Replace for the Apple Watch as for iOS, here you may be wondering why you didn’t interfere with Google to improve this problem, what is already wanted to interfere and hours to be able to rival the Apple Watch or “killing it” in other words.

Today released a report on the BI reveals the fact that Google in the year 2016 was about to launch a smart watch running Android, but they have reneged on this at the last minute and this is where that this watch was supposed to be announced at the conference Made by Google famous in the year 2016 which is the same that has been the launch phone the Google Pixel first.

The reasons why Google retreat at the last minute for the announcement of the former is the design philosophy of their own, this is where Google they want to be their products of similar kind and character of uniform, which wasn’t available, this first, secondly the director of hardware at Google Rick Osterloh decision not to advertise the former because they’re missing a number of features including the Sync feature.

View Osterloh that the previous release which is not ready for school is something that would affect the sector hardware Google full. Later turned this hour to hour LG Watch Style according to the bank, where Google has teamed up with LG to develop the former and make it ready to fire, also attributed to LG.

Source: SoftPedia / from: Business Insider

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